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Spectroscopic snapshots of the proton-transfer mechanism in water.

Bea aldsp 3. 0. 1.

Rotamers of p‑isopropylphenol studied by hole-burning resonantly.

Journal of molecular structure: theochem | vol 507, issues 1–3.

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Otdr for long-haul, metro, fttx/pon, access, & enterprise networks.

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Structures of the hcn-water and methanol-water complexes. The.

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Ft-ir spectra of mp1 and mp2; the disappearance of the cn bond at.

Parallel computing | vol 26, issues 7–8, pages 817-1060 (july 2000.

Many-body effect determines the selectivity for ca2+ and mg2+ in.

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4: homo and lumo energy levels in the arsenic molecule with mp2.

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Geometric structures of the nine key points describing the.

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G2(mp2) total energies (e 0 ), zero-point energies (zpe) and.

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Singly occupied molecular orbitals for various anionic states of.

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Dipole moments of the second-row hydrides. Results of scf hf and.


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Mp2/6-311+ +g(2d,2p) calculated frequency shifts dn(a-h) of a-h.

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Accuracy of mp2/aug-cc-pvdz, mp2/aug-cc-pvqz, ccsd(t)/aug-ccpvdz.

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